Innokin AIO e cigarette (Ecig) review

Published: 16th Apr 2012

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This is my review of the Innokin AIO, a mini ecig which has been causing quite a stir on the forums of late. So I thought it would only be right for me to give it my own personal review and ratings. Check out my video review for a more in depth look.  

I purchased the product from Jacvapour which was a pleasurable experience. The website had a wealth of information on there about the products they sell, customer reviews and also an interesting page on comparing the ingredients used within traditional cigarettes against those typically found in electronic cigarettes………fascinating and certainly worth a peak.

What I really liked about buying through jacvapour was the ability to tailor your order. For instance with the Innokin AIO, you can change the colour of the PCC, the flavour and strength of your cartridges, the colour of both the battery and the light tip at the end of the ecig. A nice little touch.

In terms of delivery, it took 2 days to arrive which is probably as fast as you can expect.

Presentation box / packaging

The package came with two boxes inside, one for the ecig and accessories and one for the jacvapour cartomizers. The box isn’t one of the nicest I’ve seen, but as they say, you should never judge a book by it's cover.


Included in the box are the following:

  • PCC (Personal Charging Case)
  • 5 jacvapour cartomizers (you choose the strength and flavour)
  • 1 battery (again, your choice re the colour)
  • 1 pack of mixed bungs (these just stick on the end of your cartomizers, so you can identify the flavour)
  • Output charging lead (I call this ‘the spider of charging output portals’ as it allows you to charge various devices like mobiles from your PCC)
  • 1 retractable ‘fiddly’ USB charging lead
  • Innokin user manual
  • Jacvapour user manual
  • Velvetine pouch (supposed to be used for carrying the PCC, maybe one for the ladies)

"It produced a hell of alot of vapour for a device of its size"

Innokin AIO e cigarette review


The PCC, is a nice stylish design which feels like metal but is actually plastic and feels a little flimsy. It holds 3 cartomizers and can charge one battery at a time, which is done by simply pushing the battery down the appropriate slot and  it will start to flash when the charging has started. There are 3 LED’s on the front of the PCC, one which indicates how much power the PCC has (this is activated by pressing the ‘display button’ on the bottom of the PCC. The next LED measures how much power the ecig battery has left and last LED indicates the PCC is charging. Standard traffic light colours. Green = Good, Amber – Ok, Red – Low. The PCC charges up in about 90 mins and takes the same amount of time to charge a dead ecig battery. I did have a little trouble getting it to charge on occasion and I must say I found the retractable USB charging lead very fiddly. It would have been better if this was just a straight forward lead without trying to be fancy.

Switch (responsiveness)

The switch on the Innokin AIO performed really well. It was sensitive in a good way in so much that it  didn't need a strong draw to activate it, but didn't activate when I blew on it, which means it shouldn't go off whilst driving or in windy weather. The benefit of this is that it will not be draining your battery uneccessarily. 

Innokin AIO e cigarette review

Vaping experience

In terms of the fully constructed ecig, it is two part in structure, battery and a cartomizer which is a KR808 fit, which screws together easily enough and has a nice weight to it once assembled. I do find the KR808 cartomizers perform slightly better than the 510 equivalent. In terms of length, a fully assembled e cigarette measure 100mm.

The cartomizers are easy to re-fill, you just pop out the rubber bung at the top using something like a nail or pin, then simply add your e-liquid drop by drop.

In terms of performance, I really liked the Innokin. It produced a hell of alot of vapour for a device of its size with each drag delivering an enjoyable throat hit. I was using the menthol flavour cartridges which worked wonders for my cold! A nice and fresh sweet taste with notes of peppermint. 


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Written by Rob Patrick

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Donny's final thoughts

All in all, the little Innokin AIO was relatively good, it vaped well but was let down by the quality of the build of the PCC.



19 / 30

19 out of 30


6 out of 10


7 out of 10


6 out of 10

E-Cig Stats

  • Price - £37.99
  • Warranty - 14 days 'no questions asked' policy. Excludes cartomizers and e-liquid
  • Battery MAH - 180 - 200
  • Battery voltage - 3.7v
  • PCC MAH - 1020
  • Tested battery length - approx 1-2hrs
  • Tested puffs per cartomizer - 150

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Nice set looks great wink

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