Innokin i-taste e cigarette (Ecig) review

Published: 9th Oct 2012

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This is a review of the Innokin i-taste Express kit purchased from Check out my video review for a more in depth look.

The vapour-room is a UK e cigarette provider based in Bradford and a the leading retailer of Innokin products. The purchasing experience was good with the website nicely designed and clear product shots and enough product information to allow for a considered purchase.

In terms of the options available with the Innokin i-taste kit, you have the option of 3 battery colours; gloss white, matte black and chameleon, which is like a metallic black with sparkles. 

Presentation box / packaging

The Innokin i-taste comes in a nicely put together cardboard presentation box which states the main features of the product on the rear of the box. The box is a sleeve and therefore opened by sliding out the inner contents from the side.

Included in the box are the following:

  • 1 x battery 800mah (choice of colour; gloss white, matte black, chameleon)
  • 1 x clearomizer This holds 1.6ml of e-liquid
  • 1 x tidy cartomizer This holds 1ml of e-liquid
  • 1 x USB retractable charger
  • 1 x manual

"As you move up through the volts, the i-taste bursts into life!"

Innokin i-taste e cigarette review










The i-taste battery is charged by plugging the USB charger cable into the connector at the base of the product with the USB charger then connected to your computer. The LED around the activation button will flash Green, Yellow then Red and then will return to Green. When it is fully charged, the LED will go out.  This LED around the button also illuminates either Green, Yellow or Red when pressed to indicate the level of battery remaining. The i-taste was taking about 2hrs to charge a battery from dead but that was pretty much lasting me a full day, so about  6+hrs. The i-taste incorporates a 3 button press function which disables the battery to prevent it going off accidentally. 

With the i-taste being a variable voltage e cigarette, you can control the power via a micro processor. The voltage range is from 3.3v to 5v and is displayed via an LED displayed on a mirrored screen. It is controlled by two buttons with a '+' and a '-' on them postioned next to the screen. These change the voltage power. Press and hold either button and the LED will first display a puff count, which simply shows the number of recorded draws taken and will then show the currently set voltage. This can then be changed by pressing either of the buttons to either increaase or decrease the voltage in 0.1 increments. The i-taste also has the functionality to identify the recommended working voltage range for the cartomizer/clearomizer you are using. When attached, simply press both the '+' and '-' buttons and the LED will show two voltage levels. These then form the recommended voltage range for your selected product. Very clever indeed!

Innokin i-taste battery

Switch (responsiveness)

The switch on the I-taste performed excellently, activating with the slightest of suction power.  Due to the battery being manually activated by a button, you don't have any issues with the switch activating unnecessarily.

Innokin i taste cartomizer

Vaping experience

The i-taste is simply to assemble, by screwing the cartomizer or clearomizer into the battery. With the clearomizer attached the i-taste is pretty big at 166mm, however the Tidy cartomizer reduces it to about 145mm.  Both the clearomizer and cartomizer come empty, so remember to order your e-liquid as well. 

In terms of vaping, the i-taste was really enjoyable. At 3.3v it was already producing alot of vapour and the throat hit provided by the 18mg strength e-liquid I was using, was great for me. When you move up through the voltage range, you immediately notice that the draws become tighter, the more vapour is produced and the more pwerful the throat hit becomes. I was finding the perfect level for me was about 3.5v. I did notice when I selected anything over 4.6v, that there was a slight burnt taste. 

The clear tanks which hold 1.6ml of e-liquid were lasting approximately 70-90 puffs.

Innokin i-taste electronic cigarette


Written by Rob Patrick

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Donny's final thoughts

​I really enjoyed the i-taste. It's a very clever piece of kit and lets you tailor it to your own preferred vaping style and power. I think it looks great, however with the clearomizer attached, it is by far the biggest ecig I have tried. Put that to one side and you have a beauty of an ecig.



22 / 30

22 out of 30


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7 out of 10

E-Cig Stats

  • Price - £33.99
  • Warranty - 7 days for refunds.
  • Battery MAH - 800
  • Battery voltage - Variable 3.3v - 5v
  • PCC MAH - N/A
  • Tested battery length - 6+hrs
  • Tested puffs per clearomizer - 70 to 90

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Tobacco Cigarettes contain 4000 clcimeahs and have second hand smoke, tar, odors, and create butts everywhere, the electronic cigarette does none of this.  None to mention you save thousands of dollars a year.

By Edmilsom on 2012 12 07