Innokin i-taste MVP e cigarette (Ecig) review

Published: 21st Feb 2013

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This is a review of Innokin i-taste MVP purchased from

As you might have seen from our previous review, we are big fans of the Innokin i-taste so we were excited to finally get our hands on the MVP which stands for ‘mobile variable power’.

As you might have seen in a number of our other reviews, we are big fans of Jacvapour here at, we love their products and equally their outstanding customer service. So I was excited to hear they were launching a variable voltage Vgo2, which was already one of our favourite performance e cigarettes that we have reviewed.

In terms of customisation options with the i-taste MVP, you can choose a titanium blue, silver or black battery accompanied with either the iClear Dual Coil XL Clearomizers which come as standard with the kit or for an extra £7.99 the viva Nova tanks which are available in clear or black. Both the iClear and viva Nova tanks are re-buildable allowing you to replace the coils and wicks.

Presentation box / packaging

The i-taste MVP comes in a really smart clear plastic box which displays the product beautifully Definitely the nicest packaging I have seen to date. The top is removed completely and the huge battery is sunk into a foam top layer which is removed to get to the rest of the kit components. I mentioned this in our review of the i-taste but Innokin definitely seem to have taken some points in relation to design and packaging from Apple……and this is certainly no bad thing!

Included in the box are the following:

  • 1 x battery 2600mah (choice of blue, silver or black)
  • 2 x clearomizer (iClear) rebuildable - replaceable coil/wick
  • 1 x USB charger (micro USB, USB, iphone connectors)
  • 1 x thread ring
  • 1 x manual

"all in all I loved the i-taste MVP but I tend to use it indoors"

Innokin i-taste MVP


Ok so onto the MVP battery of which there is only one word for and that is.....huge. At 2600mah, this is as far as I know, the biggest capacity electronic cigarette battery on the market. The first thing you notice is the unique design which I really liked, albeit it certainly will not be for everyone. The chrome top and bottom, big chunky industrial looking screws holding it together, a sleek looking manual activation button which illuminates when pressed and an impressive array of buttons, switches and sockets on the base. A nice feature of this battery is that it can be used to charge other items which through a micro USB, USB, i-phone connector. 

As with the original i-taste the battery is charged by plugging the USB charger cable into the connector at the base of the product with the USB charger then connected to your computer. The LED around the activation button will flash Green, Yellow then Red and then will return to Green. When it is fully charged, the LED will go out.  This LED around the button also illuminates either Green, Yellow or Red when pressed to indicate the level of battery remaining. As with the original Innokin have kept the 3 button press function which disables the battery to prevent it going off accidentally. In terms of battery length, the MVP is truly incredible. I was getting about 2 days of vaping from a fully charged battery making this product an ideal choice for a weekend away.

The variable voltage system has a range from 3.3v to 5.v which is displayed via an LED screen on the side of the battery. There are two buttons next to the screen with a '+' and a '-' on them which are used to first show you the number of puffs taken with a single press. The screen will then change to show you the current set voltage. You can then change the voltage in 0.1 increments by pressing either of the buttons to either increase or decrease the voltage. A clever function with the i-taste range is that it has the functionality to identify the recommended working voltage range for the cartomizer/clearomizer you are using. When attached, simply press both the '+' and '-' buttons and the LED will show two voltage levels.

Innokin i taste MVP battery

Switch (responsiveness)

Innokin have kept the same switch unit as used in the original i-taste which performs brilliantly, immediately kicking into action the minute you take a draw. 

Innokin MVP clearomizer

Vaping experience

The MVP is assmebled by first attaching the thread ring and then screwing the iClear clearomizer to the battery. The clearomizers come empty so remember to buy your e-liquid.  Once assembled the MVP looks more like a bomb detonator than an electronic cigarette however I like the look but I will say that you do get some odd looks when using it in public!

In terms of performance, the MVP produced in line with the original i-taste. At 3.3v it produced loads of vapour but as you move up through the volts, the draws get noticably tighter and the vapour clouds seem to get bigger. My preference was around 3.5v with the iClear clearomizers. I did find that using the set up I had at 4.6v produced a slight burnt taste. But all in all, I love the MVP but I tend to use it indoors!

Innokin i-taste variable voltage


Written by Rob Patrick

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Donny's final thoughts

‚ÄčAnother great product from Innokin, albeit this will not be for everyone due to it's mammoth size and strange looks which generate some odd looks in public. For me though, this is my choice for weekends away or an indoor vaping session. 



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E-Cig Stats

  • Price - ¬£49.99
  • Warranty - 7 days for refunds.
  • Battery MAH - 2600mah
  • Battery voltage - Variable 3.3v - 5v
  • Tested battery length - 2 days!
  • Tested puffs per clearomizer - 70 to 90

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I started using the iTaste MVP today and I love it. It worked as a great vaping unit and even powered up my iPhone. The iClear16s are nice as well and worked great. The unit easily fits into a pocket and has a strong battery life. I currently have it fitted with a 5ml tank and it fits perfectly. The iTaste MVP is great deal at most dealers and is a great addition for any person looking for a great vape.

By Ed on 2013 03 27