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Published: 25th Mar 2013

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This is our review of the Intellicig standard starter kit purchased from

This is our first review of an Intellicig product, so let's start with a little background on the company.  They are part of a wider group called CN Creative Group, a Bioscience company committed to the development of the  of nicotine products designed to accelerate and enhance smoking harm reduction (their words not mine!).

Established in 2008, Intellicig have two operations in the UK with the Sales,Admin and Operations based in Accrington and their Bioscience HQ in Manchester where their trademark ECOpure capsules are made. 

Intellicig stock their products in over 2,000 retail and pharmacy outlets and are sold throughout the world. 

Ok, so onto the review. In terms of customisation options you have the option of a white, black or silver battery and 3 flavours of capsules each with 4 strengths of nicotine. 

Presentation box / packaging

The packaging that this starter kit comes in, is more like a bundle of cardboard packages wrapped in plastic. There is nothing wrong with this at all, however it certainly isn't one of the nicest product packaging I have seen when you consider some of the presentation boxes offered with other products. But, it's only packaging, so let's see how the product performs. 

Included in the box are the following:

  • 1 x battery Choice of colour
  • 1 x vapour device This is a separate coil/wick
  • 5 x capsule refills
  • 1 x USB charger

"the ECOpure tobacco flavour was wonderfully sweet with toffee hint, very nice indeed"

Intellicig electronic cigarette starter kit


The battery with this kit is nice and slender and modelled on a traditional tobacco cigarette. It looks fine, but I do think it looks a little cheap in terms of build quality. The light at the end of the tip illuminates blue when activated.   

In terms of performance, this battery was lasting me approximately 2hrs with moderate usage. This is fine for a product of this size butut remember, this starter kit comes with a single battery and no Personal Charging Case, so you literally have 2hrs of vaping before game over. So this kit should only be purchased really to try the product and not for a long term solution. 

Intellicig starter kit

Switch (responsiveness)

The switch on the Intellicig needed a little getting used to and definitely wasn't one of the most sensitive I have tried. I found myself taking slow, long but powerful draws to get the hit I was after. I did get used to this, but for me it required a little too much effort. 

Intellicig battery and capsule

Vaping performance

As shown in the pictures the Intellicig is a less common three piece product, including a battery, separate atomizer and wick and a ECOpure capsule. The product is assembled by connecting the atomizer/wick to the battery and then attaching one of the capsules. Remember to remove the foil on the capsule first. It might take you a little while to initially set this up as I didn't find the instructions were that clear. 

In terms of performance, once you master the draw technique it produces a good amount of vapour. I am definitely a fan of the ECOpure tobacco flavour, I might even say it is one of the nicest I have tried. It has a wonderful sweet, almost toffee taste to it. The 10mg I was using, produced a nice throat kick too. One point to note though, the capsules only lasted about 70 draws or so and at £8 for 10 re-fills, this is not the cheapest option around. 

The only issue I had with this kit, was the switch. It just made the experience a little too taxing. 


Written by Rob Patrick

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Donny's final thoughts

I did enjoy my time with this kit and the flavour of the ECOpure tobacco left me wanting for more and keep returning to it. However, I believe the switch could definitely be improved with a view of making it more sensitive. Also, remember this kit does not come with a spare battery or PCC, so you will need to purchase extra kit to use this as your primary e cigarette. All in all though, a good product.



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E-Cig Stats

  • Price - £29.95
  • Warranty - 30 day money back guarantee (even if used)
  • Tested puffs per capsule - 70
  • Tested battery length - 2hrs

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