Jacvapour Mini Vgo e cigarette review

Published: 30th Aug 2012

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This is a review of the Jacvapour Vgo starter kit purchased from http://www.jacvapour.com/ .Check out my video review for a more in depth look.

If you have seen any of my other reviews of Jacvapour products, the purchasing experience is always a pleasant one. The main benefit about purchasing through Jacvapour (apart from the renown quality customer service) is the ability to tailor your order. With the Mini Vgo you have a choice of either black or white rubber coated or stainless steel 400mah batteries. You can then choose either a EU or UK AC power adapter.

Presentation box / packaging

The presentation box is different from any of the typical e cigarette packaging you normally see. It is made of a tough plastic which is completely see through which makes the product look like it is levitating. There is no branding at all on the box, which shows off the clean lines and makes for one of the nicest presentation boxes I have reviewed to date. It is opened by removing the top lid completely. 

Included in the box are the following:

  • 2 x batteries 400mah (choice of colour, black, white or steel)
  • 2 x clear tanks These hold 1.6ml of e-liquid
  • 1 x USB charger
  • 1 x manual
  • 1 x neck lanyard

"Jacvapour is certainly onto a winner with the Mini Vgo, it is one of my favourite ecigs to date".

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The battery is charged as per the original Jacvapour Vgo model by simply screwing the battery into the USB charger, this then connects to your computer or mains if you purchased the mains charger. When charging the LED on the USB charger lights up red and changes to green when it is fully charged. It was taking about 1.5hrs to charge a battery from dead and lasted about 3.5-4hrs. This new model also incorporates the 5 button press function which disables the battery to prevent it going off accidentally. 

Jacvapour e cigarette review

Switch (responsiveness)

The switch on the Mini Vgo was a marked improvement on the already impressive previous Vgo model.  It was very responsive, activating immediately with the slightest suction power. As the battery on this model is manually activated by a a button, you don't have any issues with the switch activating unnecessarily. 

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Vaping experience

The Mini Vgo is assembled as per the previous larger Vgo model, however it comes with clear tanks instead of cartomizers, albeit the cartomizers do work with this model aswell. The tip is pushed into the top of the clear tank and tightened. The clear tank is then screwed into the battery and you are good to start vaping. Remember the clear tanks come empty, so you will need to order your e-liquid.  In terms of length the fully assembled device measures about 105mm. 

In terms of vaping, the Mini Vgo was incredible and an improvement on the previously reviewed larger VgoV1 model. Upon pressing the manual activation button, the improved switch kicks in when you take a drag and the performance is really impressive. The throat hit I received from the 18mg Menthol delivered quite a kick but was refreshing at the same time. The Mini Vgo consistently produced a huge amount of vapour, delivering thick clouds which put a smile on my face.

The clear tanks which hold 1.6ml of e-liquid were lasting approximately 70-90 puffs which is pretty much the norm for this size tank.

Jacvapour e cigarette review mini vgo


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Written by Rob Patrick

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Donny's final thoughts

​I absolutely loved the Mini Vgo, the small chunky battery looks fantastic attached to the clear tank. The Vgo already performed really well, but the improved switch and the addition of the 5 button press disable feature on the battery now positions this product as my favourite e cigarette to date.



23 / 30

23 out of 30


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7 out of 10

E-Cig Stats

  • Price - £39.99
  • Warranty - 14 days 'no questions asked' policy. Excludes cartomizers and e-liquid
  • Battery MAH - 400
  • Battery voltage - 4.2v
  • PCC MAH - N/A
  • Tested battery length - 3.5hrs
  • Tested puffs per cartomizer - 70-90

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Hi, I wanted to try an e-cig and wanted something small-ish. Your review helped me a great deal. It was delivered on Friday afternoon and I haven’t had a real cig since. I’m currently vaping 70% watermelon and 30% virginia and its nice. I’ve been told vanilla with cherry is one to try too.

Anyway, once again thanks for the review, you do them well. It’s also good to have a review from someone articulate as opposed to someone simply blowing too many vape rings. Good work.

By carl on 2012 09 09

Hi Carl, that is great to hear mate and boy have you chose a beauty, the jacvapour mini Vgo is awesome. Keep it up mate!

By Admin on 2012 09 10