Jacvapour Vgo e cigarette (Ecig) review

Published: 2nd Jul 2012

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Donny here and this is my review of the Jacvapour Vgo starter kit purchased from http://www.jacvapour.com/ .Check out my video review for a more in depth look. 

If you have seen any of my other reviews of Jacvapour products, the purchasing experience is always a pleasant one. The website has a wealth of product information aswell as fellow user video reviews. However the main plus about purchasing through Jacvapour (apart from the renown quality customer service) is the ability to tailor your order. With the Vgo you have a choice of a 650mah or 950mah battery of which can come in either black or white. You also have a choice or different coloured cones (the bit that screws onto battery to cover the connection between the cartomizer and the battery- it's just for looks) and cartomizers. Also a nice little addition which demonstrates that Jacvapour are thinking of our foreign friends aswell is a choice of an EU or UK AC power adapter. Grazie!

Presentation box / packaging

The presentation box is cardboard but looks nice and opens via a magnetic clasp at the front with the lid then flipping over. The box simply states 'Vgo' on it without any other branding. 

Included in the box are the following:

  • 2 x batteries (650mah or 900mah)
  • 1 x rubber coated battery cover (this is called a 'cone')
  • 5 x 50mm V3 XL empty cartomizers (hold 1.4ml)
  • 1 x USB charger
  • 1 x USB plug adapter (optional)
  • 1 x presentation box
  • 1 x manual
  • 1 x mixed bag of coloured bungs (these are for marking your flavours)

"The Vgo is the Yorkie bar of the ecig world"


The battery is charged by simply screwing the battery into the USB charger, which then plugs into your computer or mains if you purchased the mains charger. When charging a little LED on the USB charger illuminates red and changes to green when fully charged. It was taking about 1.5hrs to charge a battery from dead and that was lasting me about 5+hrs of moderate vaping. 


Switch (responsiveness) 

The switch on the Vgo was incredibly responsive. You could hear the switch kick in when you press the battery and take a draw. Definitely one of the better switches out there. 


Vaping experience

The ecig is a classic two part device and is assembled simply by screwing the cartomizer into the battery. The thread is a KR808 fit so it will fit other devices with the same design. The cone then slips over the cartomizer and screws onto the battery for nothing other than aesthetics. In terms of length the Vgo measures 125mm with a 50mm cartomizer attached. The cartomizers with the Vgo come empty, so don't forget to order your e-liquid aswell.

Now, moving onto the vaping performance, this baby is a beast! The Vgo operates a manual push button to operate the battery, which you press when you take a drag. The first thing you will notice when you take your first hit is the power of the Vgo. It produces a vast amount of vapour, far more than a typical smaller cigalike device. The throat hit matches the amount of vapour also. I was taking lighter drags than normal to compensate. When I first used this, I went hell for leather on it and needed a sit down afterwards!

The e-liquid I went for was Jacvapour's apple, which was really nice and refreshing. Definitely something you could vape on all day. Quite sweet on the tongue but not in a sickly way. Due to the power, you do get through a lot of e-liquid. I was getting about 70-90 puffs per cartomizer……oh but what puffs they were!



Written by Rob Patrick

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Donny's final thoughts

​The Vgo is the Yorkie bar of the ecig world. Masses of vapour, one hell of a throat hit and a duracell battery which lasts and lasts.



21 / 30

21 out of 30


7 out of 10


7 out of 10


7 out of 10

E-Cig Stats

  • Price - £44.99
  • Warranty - 14 days 'no questions asked' policy. Excludes cartomizers and e-liquid
  • Battery MAH - 650 or 900
  • Battery voltage - 4.2v
  • PCC MAH - N/A
  • Tested battery length - 4-5hrs
  • Tested puffs per cartomizer - 70-90

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I love the VGO’s well made, vape great and the JACVapour service is 2nd to none!

By MrFoLdEm123 on 2012 07 02

Totally agree with the yorkie bar analogy! I love how much vapour this produces.

By Sam on 2012 07 04

That foil thing definitely is an issue, buescae I get great vapor out of my Blu, at least twice the amount of smoke’ as a regular cig, I put them side by side when I first started vaping. No real difference in feeling either which is good, if anyone goes back to smoking regular cigs its totally a mental thing like a need to have something that burns, throw away etc to feel they are having a complete experience.

By Vahdet on 2012 12 07