Jacvapour Vgo2 e cigarette (Ecig) review

Published: 2nd Sept 2012

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This is a review of the version 2 of the Jacvapour Vgo starter kit purchased from http://www.jacvapour.com/.Check out my video review for a more in depth look.

With the new version of the Vgo, Jacvapour has continued with their range of customisation options. There are 6 different battery choices in the form of three different colours, black, white or stainless steel, in either 650 or 900mah. You can have different options for each of the two supplied batteries. 

In terms of cartomizers, you have the same colour choices as the batteries in either the 50mm size or 55mm mega carts. They also offer the choice of either the clear or black Vgo tanks. You can then choose either a EU or UK AC power adapter.

Presentation box / packaging

The presentation box for the Vgo2 comes  in the new Jacvapour branded style, which is a definite improvement on the previous. It has limited product information and is opened via a magnetic flap at the front. 

Included in the box are the following:

  • 2 x batteries 650 or 900mah in white, black or stainless steel
  • 5 x cartomizers or 2 x tanks 50mm or 55mm cartomizers in white, black or steel or clear or black tanks
  • 1 x USB charger
  • 1 x manual
  • 1 x mains adapter optional
  • 1 x cone white, black or steel - short or nomal

"The Vgo was already a great product but the improved switch makes the Vgo2 incredible"

Jacvapour Vgo2 e cigarette review


The battery with the new Vgo is charged as per the previous model by screwing it into the USB charger which either plugs into your computer or the mains if you opted for the mains charger with your purchase. Both the 650mah and 900mah versions take approximately 90 minutes to fully charge. When charging the light on the USB charger lights up Red and changes to Green when fully charged.

The 650mah manual version I reviewed performed as per the previous model lasting between 5 and 6 hours. A new feature with these version 2 batteries is the 5 button press disable functionality, which whilst relatively common, was the only downside of the previous model. 

Jacvapour Vgo e cigarette battery

Switch (responsiveness)

As with the Jacvapour Mini Vgo, the new improved switch on the Vgo2 is a marked improvement from the previous model. Upon activating the battery with a press of the button, the switch kicks into action with the lightest of suction power and makes vaping truly effortless. 

Jacvapour Vgo2 cartomizer

Vaping experience

The Vgo2 is assembled the same way as the version 1, by screwing your selected cartomizer into the battery. The thread is a KR808, so is not compatible with 510 units.  The cartomizers are filled by removing the rubber bung on the end and adding your e-liquid gently around the outside of the hole in the middle. I was using the megacarts which hold a massive 2.4ml of e-liquid and Jacvapour recommend re-filling these up to a maximum of 10 times. Once assembled, the Vgo battery with a megacart attached measures 130mm.

In terms of the vaping performance, the new Vgo2 outperforms the already brilliant Vgo1. Upon activating the battery and taking a draw, you can hear the switch kick in and the Vgo2 delivers a serious throat hit even with the 18mg nicotine strength. That said, it wasn't overpowering, more satisfying than anything else. I prefer having an e cigarette which has big power which you can tailor to your own personal needs by taking lighter drags if required. Upon the exhale it produced a thick cloud of vapour which put a smile on my face. I was using the tobacco flavour e-liquid which was nice and reminded me of Benson & Hedges traditional tabacco flavour. Out of the megacarts I was getting approximately 120-150 puffs per full cartomizer.    

Jacvapour Vgo assembled e cigarette

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Written by Rob Patrick

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Donny's final thoughts

The version 2 of the Jacvapour Vgo builds on what was already a superb e cigarette with an improved, almost faultless switch and the addition of the 5 button press disable feature on the manual battery. I loved the look of the stainless steel set up I was using. All in all the Vgo2 is a pleasure to use and the best performing fat battery model to date.


23 / 30

23 out of 30


7 out of 10


8 out of 10


8 out of 10

E-Cig Stats

  • Price - £44.99
  • Warranty - 14 days 'no questions asked' policy. Excludes cartomizers and e-liquid
  • Battery MAH - 650 or 900mah
  • Battery voltage - 4.2v
  • PCC MAH - N/A
  • Tested battery length - 5-6hrs
  • Tested puffs per cartomizer (mega cart) - 120-150

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Nice review!

By Steve on 2012 09 03

I’ve just bought myself one of these and i have to say that i agree 100% with your review. It really is an amazing product and i can’t fault it in any way. I’m a fairly heavy vaper and i’m getting the best part of a day from one 650 battery, i was stunned by it, and the vapour it produces is brilliant, clouds of the stuff!! I would recommend this to anyone, to me it’s the perfect vape!

By Richard Cornish on 2012 09 04

Thanks for all the great reviews here fellas, and for the chuckles they’ve brought too. Your site may well and truly end up being a lifesaver! =)

I’ve decided on getting a Vgo2, but I’ve still got a couple of wee questions about them before I part with my hard earned dole…

1) Will the 900mah batteries give a more powerful kick than the 650mah, as suggested on Donny’s review for the Vgo1? I’m all up for a longer battery life, but don’t want to tear my throat to shreds in the process. For that matter, are there any cons to the 900mah, and which battery would you recommend?

2) Are there any drawbacks to getting an automatic button-less, rather than the manual button-press Vgo2?

Um, cheers!

By Moondog on 2012 09 11

Moondog - Hi and thanks for your kind comments, they are really appreciated. Apologies for the delayed reply, been on holiday.

In response to your questions,
1) The larger 900mah batteries will not deliver any more in terms of the power of the kick, the 900mah will simply last longer than the 650mah. You could expect anything between 7-8hrs from the 900.
2) I definitely prefer the manual buttons, I feel the switch performs better and the batteries tend to last longer. They are both good, but my fave is definitely the manual.


By Donny on 2012 09 16

ive watched some vdioes of yours, and after watching this, ive subscribedbecause i now also use ecigs to kick my habbit, and its been great, i havnt smoked a regular cigarette in weeks.i smoke Logic disposable ecigs which from my experience has no strong flavourand its the best, but the bad thing about it is that for heavy smokers like myself it only lasts at most one day. i hope they continue to get better and cheaper like most products in the US do..

By Georgiaman on 2012 12 07

The government doesn’t care about your well being evciend by their fostering of drug monopolies and putting ecigarettes under scrutiny. Currently there is a MRSA outbreak throughout the country with only four antibiotics being submitted for testing by the FDA. We also aren’t anymore safer from terrorists because last I knew a terrorist could just walk across are border. See, what’s important is preserving the military industrial complex.Fascism is rampant and the day of reckoning is soon.

By Maria on 2012 12 07

Been off cigarettes now for 5 days. Great product which without I wouldn’t have been able to get this far. Maria lighten up!!

By Damien on 2012 12 31