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Published: 14th Mar 2013

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This is a review of a Litejoy disposable electronic cigarette.

Now I hadn't heard of Litejoy but found myself on a night out without an e cigarette, so I popped into a newsagent and purchased one of these. 

Litejoy are another UK electronic cigarette provider based in Leicester. It seems the majority of their effort has not been their online presence but on the high street as they have a huge number of suppliers throughout the UK. 

But anyway, did the Litejoy work as a quick fix? Let's see and find out. 

Presentation box / packaging

As this product was a disposable, the packaging was simple but looked good with the product displayed in a plastic case. 

Included in the box are the following:

  • 1 x battery
  • 1 x cartomizer tobacco flavour, nicotine strength 18mg

"I had to check whether I had bought the liquorice flavour instead of the tobacco, but sadly I hadn't"


The first thing you notice about this product is the unique design. It's black with a almost paisley type patter printed all over it. The battery light at the tip of the product lights up purple in line with the company branding. I still am unsure about whether I like the design or whether it looks a bit naff.........maybe more the latter.

The battery performed relatively well lasting about 3hrs BUT I didn't use the product anywhere near as much as I would normally would due to the flavour of which I will get onto in the Vaping performance section!

Switch (responsiveness)

In terms of the switch, the product performed ok, however I did find myself having to take quite a long, slow draw to get the best out of it. Also, it didn;t produce a particularly smooth draw either. 


Litejoy electronic cigarette

Vaping experience

Even though this product was sold as a dispoable electronic cigarette, it was a a 2 part electronic cigarette with a battery and a cartomizer, meaning you could buy a charger and use the battery again. So that's definitely a bonus. 

However, for me that was where the fun stopped. Whilst the product did not perform awfully, the flavour of the tobacco cartomizer I was using was really, really bad tasting of  liquorice more than tobacco. I had to check that I hadn't bought the liquorice flavour but sadly I hadn't. To be sure I wasnt overreacting I let my friends try and unfortunately they felt exactly the same.   

Like I said it did perform ok, producing thick clouds of vapour and an ok throat hit but the flavour was so overpowering. 


Written by Rob Patrick

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Litejoy disposable e cigarette

The tobacco flavour tasted more like liquorice

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Donny's final thoughts

The product itself did perform ok, producing thick clouds of vapour and an ok throat hit but the flavour was just so overpowering and really tasted nothing like tobacco and more like liquorice. My worry is that due to their being so many retailers who stock Litejoy products throughout the UK, it could end up putting newbies off electronic cigarettes. Hopefully they change it soon. 



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E-Cig Stats

  • Price - £6.99
  • Warranty - 30 days if faulty , 7 days cancellation if the product is unused

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great review mate.

By Jonny on 2013 03 25