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Published: 15th July 2012

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This is my review of the NG3 Deluxe kit from . Please check my review for a more in depth review. 

I purchased the device from The website was pretty basic but simple to understand and had a good level of product information. The first thing I noticed was their price promise, which states that if you find an equivalent next genaration e cigarette or refill cartridges elsewhere they will price match less 15% discount. However, the products are already towards to lower end in terms of price,

In terms of customizing your order, you have the choice of over 20 flavours for the cartomizers with 5 different nicotine strengths. 

The shipping took 2 days which is the best you can realistically expect without paying for next day delivery. 

Presentation box / packaging

The NG3 Deluxe comes in a relatively plain cardboard box, simply displaying the company branding, product name and contact details. There is also a little sticker which states the flavour and strength of you selected cartomizers.  

Included in the box are the following:

  • 2 x batteries 650 MAH
  • 6 x cartomizers (choice of favours and strengths)
  • 1 x USB charger
  • 1 X mains charger adapter
  • 2 x cones

"You certainly get a substantial hit of vapour from the NG3 Deluxe"


The NG3 battery is charged by screwing it into the USB charger which plugs into your computer. As with the majority of these type of charger, there is an LED which lights up Red when charging and then changes to Green when the battery is fully charged. It took about 1.5 to 2hrs to fully charge a dead battery.  Once fully charged I was getting about 4-5hrs of vaping out of the NG3 which is in line with other 650mah batteries. 

Switch (responsiveness) 

The switch on the NG3 performed well overall, however the only negative was that when I first started using it, the manual button, which you press to activate the battery stuck on occasion. This sorted itself out over time, but was a little annoying at the beginning. 

(Updated: after another 2 weeks of use, the problem with the sticking battery button returned and as a result I have scored the product down in this section)

Vaping experience

Assembling the NG3 is done by screwing the cartomizer into the battery, slipping the cone over the top of the cartomizer and then screwing it into the battery. Once assembled the NG3 Deluxe feels solidly put together. The branding on the end of the battery is a nice touch. In terms of length it measures the same as the Vgo and Ego-T at 125mm. 

The cartomizers are 510 thread so will be compatible with other 510 units. 

In terms of vaping, besides the early issue with the sticking button, the NG3 performed well. It produced alot of vapour with a strong throat hit which resulting in me  taking much smaller drags to compensate. It didn't perform quite aswell as the Vgo, which I think is a result of the KR808 cartomizers perfoming slightly better in general. The tobacco flavour I ordered was ok, certainly not one of my favourites but a relatively pleasant vape when you got used.

(Updated: After 1 week of re-filling the cartomizers, the outer layer of the cartomizer started to peel away. I have subsequently scored this section down since the video review).


Written by Rob Patrick

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The NG3 Deluxe from Best4Ecigs

The NG3 Deluxe is an ok e cigarette considering the price. Feel free to ask me any question about this e cigarette.

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Donny's final thoughts

‚ÄčThe NG3 Deluxe performed relatively well, delivering quite a powerful hit from each draw. The only issue was the build quality and the sticking manual button when I first started using it but that did sort itself out. 



19 / 30

19 out of 30


6 out of 10


6 out of 10


7 out of 10

E-Cig Stats

  • Price - ¬£35.50 (Double pole)
  • Warranty -
  • Battery MAH - 650 MAH
  • Battery voltage - 3.75v
  • PCC MAH - N/A
  • Tested battery length - 4hrs
  • Tested puffs per cart - 90-100

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Was just wondering,
Is there a tank cartomiser out there that fits this?

By MR GARRY P GARSIDE on 2012 08 16

Hi, the NG3 is a standard 510 thread, so the majority of 510 tanks will fit. I would recommend the Jacvapour Vgo over this product though. If you use our discount code BEST14U it’s near;y the same price and a much better product.

By Donny on 2012 08 18