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Published: 15th May 2013

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This is our review of Really Electronic Cigarettes cigalike product called the Mini purchased from

Really Electronic Cigarettes are based in London, and are slowly becoming a respected brand within the industry due to their commitment to delivering quality products at good value for money which is as good as the company's mission statement. 

I was pretty impressed with the Really Echo E, so I was keen to get my hands on their cigalike equivalent.

In terms of customising your order, you have the option of either tobacco or menthol flavoured cartomizers, but you cannot select your desired nicotine strength which could be a bit annoying if you know which strength you want.  

Presentation box / packaging

The packaging the Really Mini comes in, is designed based on a traditional 20 pack of tobacco cigarettes. Whilst this packaging design style is now relatively common now within the industry, I still quite like it as they are small and compact but still holds 3 cartomizers, 1 battery and your USB charger. The pack has the company logo on the front and brief instructions and contents printed on the back. Really do sell carry cases for the Mini which are much more solid and cost £4.99. 

Included in the box are the following:

  • 2 x batteries
  • 3 x cartomizers Either tobacco or menthol (1 x 24mg, 1 x 18mg, 1 x 14mg)
  • 1 x USB charger

"at £13.99, this kit offers great value for money and would be a great choice for newbies"

Really electronic cigarettes Mini starter kit


The battery that comes with the Mini has also been styled on a traditional tobacco cigarette with rings printed on the filter paper and a grey plastic tip which has been designed to look like ash. The Really branding which is printed at the base and the brass 510 thread gives it a quality feel. 

The battery is charged in the standard way by screwing it to the USB charger which connects directly to the USB port of your computer. I found the battery performed relatively well for it's size lasting approximately 2hrs with moderate frequency of vaping. Remember this kit only comes with a single battery, so 2hrs of vaping will be all you get unless you purchase an additional one for £6.99. In terms of charging, the battery took approximately 1.5hrs to charge from dead, which again is pretty standard for a battery of this size. 

Really electronic cigarettes

Switch (responsiveness)

The switch on the Mini was responsive, activating promptly with a relatively light draw. It wasn't quite as sensitive as the Jacvapour V1P requiring a slightly stronger draw but was still pretty effortless to use. 

Really e cigarette Mini starter kit

Vaping experience

The Mini is assembled by screwing the cartomizer into the battery. In terms of the vapour production the Mini performed well delivering nice, dense vapour clouds. I was using the tobacco flavour which wasn't the best I have tried, as I felt it had a slight chemical taste to it, but flavour is subjective so don't let this put you off as the product worked really well. My favourite strength was the 18mg which delivered a satisfying throat hit. 

The pack states that the 3 cartomizers included within this kit is equivalent to approx 120 cigarettes. I have never found one of these claims to be true yet as I was getting approx 150 'decent' puffs per cartomizer. 

The Mini is priced at £13.99 which offers good value considering there are similar kits out there at double the price. 


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Written by Rob Patrick

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Donny's final thoughts

​Considering this kit is £13.99, it offers great value for money and would be a great choice for newbies who want to give the world of vaping a try without spending too much cash. 



21 / 30

21 out of 30


7 out of 10


7 out of 10


7 out of 10

E-Cig Stats

  • Price - £13.99
  • Warranty - 7 days for unused products
  • Tested battery length - 2hrs
  • Tested puffs per cartomizer - 150

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