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Published: 9th Dec 2012

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This is a review of ROK Universal's 2nd generation starter kit, the Black edition, purchased from .

ROK Universal is British company, which is a sub division of a company called Smoke without Sin Ltd. Whilst ROK's customer base is mainly within the UK their website states that they are growing fast in foreign markets throughout Europe.  

With regards to the Black Starter Kit, the only difference from the original starter kit is the new and improved patented Personal Carging Case (PCC) which has a number of new enhancements. So is the new PCC worth paying the extra? Let's find out.

First thing to note is that there are no options to customise your order with this kit. 

Presentation box / packaging

The presentation box is black cardboard and states the product details, features and benefits and the typical company branding emblazoned on the front and sides. The box is opened by removing the top part completely. 

Included in the box are the following:

  • 2 x batteries 140mah
  • 1 x Personal Charging Case
  • 2 x cartomizers 1 x strong tobacco (1.6% nicotine strength), 1 x medium tobacco (1.1%)
  • 1 x USB charger
  • 1 x manual

"The switch needed a little getting used to get the best out of it"



To look at the new PCC looks pretty slick with a gloss black finish and the ROK logo raised on the front and a power button in the bottom right hand corner. It is made of hard plastic and feel quality made. In terms of size it is about the same as a pack of traditional super king cigarettes. A nice touch with this PCC, is the spring activated opening mechanism, which is done by pushing the front of the case down.  Inside, there is four holes, one which holds a fully assembled e cigarette, two for holding cartomizers and one for charging the battery. If the PCC lid is open, this is done by pressing and holding the battery down into the socket and then pressing and holding the button on the front of the PCC which will light green for 5 seconds.  After 5 seconds, the tip of the battery will flash blue and the green light on the button on the front of the PCC will change to Red to indicate that charging has commenced. To charge the battery with the lid of the PCC closed, you only need to hold the button on the front of the PCC for 5 seconds. This button on the front will also allow you to check the battery status which if red means the battery is still in need of charging and if green means is fully charged. The batteries were taking approximately 1.5hrs to charge from dead and were probably lasting about the same when I was vaping, so I was needing to ensure I was constantly charging a battery if I wanted frequent usage. This is broadly in line with what you can expect from a 140mah battery and not really a problem as that is why you have a PCC. 

ROK Black cartomizer and battery

Switch (responsiveness) 

You might have seen from my other review of the ROK original starter kit that the only real issue I had with the product was the switch, as it was not sensitive enough and required a number of drags to warm up the atomizer to get some decent vapour. Unfortunately, the switch on this kit is the same and requires you to work your lungs a little more to get the best out of it. That said, when you get used to doing this, the product performs fine. 


Vaping experience

The ROK Black is a standard two part electronic cigarette, assembled by screwing the battery into the cartomizer. In terms of length, the fully assembled ecig measures 87mm in length, which is pretty much the same as a traditional tobacco cigarette. 

ROK Black electronic cigarette

In terms of performance, as mentioned earlier to get the best out of the ROK Black, I was needing to take a couple of short draws to warm up the atomizer. Once I did this, the product produced a decent amount of vapour. The high strength cartomizers produced a relatively mild throat hit which was enjoyable albeit I found myself wanting a slightly bigger kick. The tobacco flavour however was very pleasant and left me wanting more. 

I was getting about 120 puffs out of a full cartomizer, however this was a little more difficult to gauge due to the pre draws I required. 

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Written by Rob Patrick

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Donny's final thoughts

​The PCC included within the Black starter kit, is well made, looks good and is one of the smarter ones on the market. My only issue with this electronic cigarette is the switch, as it was required couple of short draws to warm the atomizer and then a strong one to ensure a decent hit. However, once I got used to this, I enjoyed my time with this kit. 



19 / 30

19 out of 30


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6 out of 10

E-Cig Stats

  • Price - £44.99
  • Warranty - 7 days return policy for a damaged or unopened product
  • Battery MAH - 140
  • Battery voltage - 3.7v
  • PCC MAH - Tbc
  • Tested battery length - Approx 1.5hrs
  • Tested puffs per cartomizer - 120

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