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Published: 22nd Dec 2012

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This is a review of ROK Universal's performance electronic cigarette, the ROK Star, purchased from

ROK Universal is British company, which is a sub division of a company called Smoke without Sin Ltd. Whilst ROK's customer base is mainly within the UK their website states that they are growing fast in foreign markets throughout Europe. 

I have been looking forward to reviewing this product as I have heard alot of good things about it and was particluarly interested in testing how the air flow adjustment feature performs. But will this product live up to it's name and be a 'star' performer? Let's find out. 

As with all of the ROK's starter kits, there are no options to customise your order, which is a little frustrating, if you don't like tabacco flavoured cartomizers. 

Presentation box / packaging

The presentation box is black cardboard and prominently states the product on the front and lists the product details, features and benefits and the typical company branding emblazoned on the front and sides. The box is opened by removing the top part completely.

Included in the box are the following:

  • 2 x batteries 1 x 900mah, 1 x 650mah
  • 2 x atomizers / liquid chambers
  • 6 x mouthpieces these attach to the atomizers
  • 1 x USB charger
  • 2 x pen style lids
  • 2 x spare airflow rings
  • 1 x manual

"the airflow adjustment ring works brilliantly well, a great feature"


ROK Star electronic cigarette


This starter kit includes two batteries, one 650 and one 900 mah of which are 510 thread style. The ring which is used to adjust the flow of air is attached by simply putting it over the thread connection. In terms of charging,  the battery screws into to the USB charger which plugs into your computer. There is a light on the USB charger which illuminates red to indicate charging which changes to green when the battery is fully charged. A dead battery was taking approximately 1.5hrs to fully charge and the 650mah battery was lasting pretty much a full day of vaping and the 900mah was lasting a mammoth 9-10hrs. Both batteries have the disable function which is activated/re-activated by pressing the button 3 times and is useful when carrying in your pocket. 

The airflow ring allows you to change the airflow to your desired level. So if you prefer a lighter, free flowing draw or a much tighter one, it is in your control. I must say I was really impressed with this feature and now I have tried it, I am surprised none of the other major electronic cigarette manufacturers have followed suit. So far, so good!


ROK Star airflow ring / e-liquid chamber

Switch (responsiveness)

The switch on the ROK Star was brilliant, firing up the minute the button is pressed and the slightest of draws is taken. I can't fault this product so far. 


ROK Star battery and atomizer

Vaping experience

The liquid chamber is filled by unscrewing the atomizer which is at tghe bottom (the bit which attaches to the battery) and adding your e-liquid gently. You can see how much your adding through a small clear window on the side. Then re-screw the atomizer back in. The ROK Star is then fully assembled by ensuring the airflow ring is attached and screwing the battery into the atomizer/e-liquid chamber. Then click a mouthpiece into the top of the chamber and your good to go. 

The volume of vapour that the ROK Star produced was incredible delivering huge thick clouds of vapour. The tobacco flavour I was using (bought separately) was ROK's strong level which is 1.8% nicotine in strength and it was really enjoyable and provided a beauty of a throat kick. 


ROK Star e cigarette starter kit

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Written by Rob Patrick

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Donny's final thoughts

​The ROK Star performed really well. The switch performed brilliantly and in terms of vapour production, it produced huge clouds of thick vapour. The build quality is of a high standard and has a nice solid feel to it. I personally prefer the smaller 'cigalike' electronic cigarettes but if your after a performance ecig, then this one is a star! 



24 / 30

24 out of 30


8 out of 10


8 out of 10


8 out of 10

E-Cig Stats

  • Price - £59.99
  • Warranty - 7 days return policy for a damaged or unopened product
  • Battery MAH - 650 or 900
  • Battery voltage - Tbc
  • PCC MAH - N/A
  • Tested battery length - 6hrs (650mah), 9hrs (900mah)

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