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Published: 21st Feb 2012

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This is my review of the Rok Universal starter kit. Hope you like it. Make sure you check my video review for a more in depth review.

I purchased the kit from which was a pleasant experience, the website was easy to use and navigate around and stated all the information I needed to make a considered purchase. The shipping time was 2 days.

Presentation box / packaging

The kit itself is presented is very nicely in a royal blue presentation box which has a real quality feel to it. Had a feel of something like a quality timepiece box. The box opens with a magentic catch and flips open immitating a classic hinge mechanism.


Included in the box are the following:

  • PCC (Personal Charging Case)
  • Mains charger
  • USB charging lead
  • 2 batteries
  • 5 Cartomizers (2 x Strong 16mg, 2 x Medium 11mg, 1 x Light 0.6mg)
  • User manual
  • Smoking card (this outlines the law in relation to ecigs - however, upon testing this, it doesn't command the same respect as an FBI badge)

"It's a good, solid device which vapes well and is a good entry level product"


The PCC is made of some kind of tough plastic but has a smooth velvety feel. It can hold up to 5 cartomizers, 1 fully made up ecig and space to charge one battery at a time. You just need to push the battery into the charging hole/slot, gently screw her in and it will re-charge a dead battery in about 40 mins. A fully charged battery lasted approximately 2 hrs, which is ok but not really much of a problem as you get the PCC. ROK have designed the battery with faux rings on it to immitate the look of a traditional cigarette. 

The PCC will take about 4hrs to charge, but when fully charged can re-succitate 5 batteries.


Switch (responsiveness)

One of the only downsides to the Rok product was that the switch was very sensitive and had a habit of activating the battery with any sudden movements. This can be a problem as it will drain your battery. However this isn't quite as much of an issue as you get the PCC with this starter kit. 


Vaping Experience

The ecig device itself, is of the two component nature; battery and cartomizer, and is easy to put together. Simply screw one into the other until you feel the bite and she is good to go. Once assembled, the Rok mini ecig, is a nice weight, something you will feel it in your pocket and is 87mm is length. This is about the same size as the Skycig product and falls within the super mini e cigarette category.

In terms of vaping performance, I was using the medium strength cartomizers which are 11mg of Nicotine. It produced a relatively good amount of vapour combined with a nice throat hit. The cartomizers I tried was the standard nicotine flavour, and they were pleasurable, a hint of coffee caramel, maybe walnut. 


Customer service

I emailed ROK a couple of times with product queries and they were prompt in their reply and helpful, so thumbs up in this department. 


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Written by Rob Patrick

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Donny's final thoughts

I did enjoy this mini e-cig. Its a good, solid device which vapes well and is good entry level product for those just getting into electronic cigarettes. Especially if your looking for an e cigarette which is similar in both looks and size to a traditional tobacco cigarette. 



19 / 30

19 out of 30


7 out of 10


6 out of 10


6 out of 10

E-Cig Stats

  • Price - £44.99
  • Warranty - 7 days return policy for a damaged or unopened product
  • Battery MAH - Tbc
  • Battery voltage - 3.7v
  • PCC MAH - Tbc
  • Tested battery length - approx 2hrs
  • Tested puffs per cartomizer - 120

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