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Published: 14th Mar 2013

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This a review of the VIP electronic cigarette standard starter kit. 

VIP are a UK electronic cigarette provider based in Manchester of which have a growing presence in the retail sector. I spoke to the owner of 20 stores who said business was 'incredible' and the company are planning on continuing to invest by opening more outlets on the high street. 

So are VIP's products worthy of the business they are generating? Let's find out.

I purchased the VIP Standard Starter Kit and whilst online there isn't the option to choose your e-liquid flavour, there was in the shop I bought mine in.  

Presentation box / packaging

The box the VIP starter kit comes in is white cardboard and modelled on a 20 pack of traditional cigarettes box. 

Included in the box are the following:

  • 1 x battery
  • 2 x cartomizers tobacco flavour, nicotine strength 1 x 16mg and 1 x 24mg
  • 1 x USB charger

"no spare battery or PCC means there's a good chance a newbie will get caught short if out and about"


VIP starter kit


As you can see in the pictures, the battery has also been styled on a traditional cigarette being white in colour and having the immitation rings round the paper.  In terms of the build quality and design, I would say lacks a little when compared to some of the other products like Green Smoke. 

In terms of battery performance, it lasted me approx 2.5hrs which is not bad at all for a battery this size. However the issue with this starter kit is that you only get one battery and no personal charging case (PCC). So 2.5hrs is your maximum vaping time before a re-charge is required. Also, bear in mind that a full charge takes about 1.5hrs from a dead battery,  so a newbie who wasn't aware of the implications of buying a kit without a spare battery or PCC would more than likely find themselves getting caught short when out and about. 

Also, I did find that the battery didn't last as long the more I charged it.


VIP battery and cartomizer

Switch (responsiveness)

The switch on the VIP product was pretty good, activating quickly when a draw was taken and ensuring for a smooth vape. No issues here. 


VIP standard starter kit electronic cigarette

Vaping performance

The VIP is a two part product which is assembled by screwing the battery into the cartomizer. As you can see in the picture above, the material wrapped around the cartomizer is visible. I don't personally like the look of this and after a while, part of it came unstuck. 

In terms of performance though the VIP produced alot of vapour with the switch ensuring each draw was smooth and pleasant. The 16mg tobacco flavour was ok, not one of my favourites but achieved a nice throat hit. The 24mg, was a little too harsh for me but this is obviously down to your own preference. 

So all in the VIP performed pretty well, however it simply does not perform at the level of the


Written by Rob Patrick

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VIP Electronic cigarettes standard starter kit

The VIP is a good cheap option for those just getting into e cigarettes

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Donny's final thoughts

‚ÄčThe VIP standard starter kit is a good cheap option which performs relatively well, delivering decent vapour clouds and smooth draw. However, whilst it is pretty cheap it simply doesn't perform at the level of the Jacvapour V1P. If you also consider that the Jacvapour product has another battery, a personal charging case  and 5 cartomizers, I know where I would spend my money. 



20 / 30

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7 out of 10


6 out of 10

E-Cig Stats

  • Price - ¬£19.98
  • Warranty - refund if unused and in original condition
  • Tested puffs per cartomizer - 90
  • Tested battery length - 2.5hrs (however this did drop the more I charged it)

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This takes me back a bit!  It was what I started on roughly 12 months ago. I had read up a bit on e cigarettes before I ordered luckily and bought two batteries. I was very glad I did this as one ran out pretty quickly. It came in a similar box as a packet of cigarettes, which within a couple of weeks was looking rather tatty! At the time I was pretty impressed with it and didn’t smoke a real cigarette from the moment I received it. However I think a lot of that was down to will power as it was not particularly satisfying and I had a LOT of cravings for a real cigarette. After a couple of months I got fed up with how quickly the battery ran out and moved onto an AIO kit from jacvapour. 

Using the VIP kit I very quickly realised I did not like the taste of the tobacco cartomisers and as I hadn’t enjoyed menthol cigarettes for a good few years I didn’t dare try the menthol flavour (although menthol is now my favourite kind of juice!) I used their flavoured cartos for a while but they were very limited in choice. I did enjoy their vanilla though. At the time they were not selling liquid (although they are now) so I assumed they couldn’t be topped up. That meant I only had the choice of their pre filled cartos and as well as limited choice they were working out relatively expensive so within a couple of months after further research I moved onto Jacvapour who were cheaper, offered more choice, were refillable AND came with a PCC (personal charging case)

I see that VIP now offer their own juices (although apparently they are not compatible with their cartos, and a PCC. However from a quick look on their website they still appear over expensive and still have a very limited choice of pre filled cartos. I would not recommend them.

HOWEVER all that said they DID get me off of cigarettes and into the vaping world. I am now part of the vaping community and use much better devices than any of the cig-a-likes. I guess, as much as it pains me, I owe it all to VIP

By Sarah Nash on 2013 03 25

Myself sagar J, i have smoking habit from past 3years and daily am taking 40cigrate and suffering health.
i want to buy VIP cigrate.

please suggest me contact details/availability in india.

By sagar jukoor on 2013 04 20